Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where I've Been...

The past month or so turned from reflective to jam packed in a heartbeat. A successful live TV broadcast of my first performance in 8 months energized us all on DirtySouth TV, live at the Five Spot. It was there that I made the announcement that I'm ditching the solo act to devote to my brand new and committed band. We're still working on a name, but penning new tunes while letting the creative flow loose during our practice sessions.

I've been wanting to post highlights from the show (complete with an interview) as it was recorded live, but the pace of bookings and some outside charity work have stolen the time away from me. Most people still don't know what this "mysterious" announcement I had to make since there were massive technical issues during the broadcast. So if you're reading this, now you know and thanks for checking it out! Hopefully I'll get that video up for you to enjoy soon.

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luckyduck said...

Wow! That's exciting!