Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joy and Hope in the Overcast Autumn

I sit here with my cider vinegar concoction catching my breath after a very full November so far. To close out the month of October, fun was had by all @ Smith's Unplugged session, playing musical chairs with certain band members and providing an acoustic environment of our new tunes.

Then, a music industry contact that has become a good friend of mine helped organize a small group of us to prepare a meal for the residents of Trinity House, a wonderful transitional program for those entering rehab. Typically these men are homeless, so it was heartwarming and inspirational to hear their stories of making the commitment to begin to conquer drug and alcohol addictions and move forward with their lives. It's a tough program - but it was a reminder that we are in reality all the same and all have issues that we take various steps to deal with, or not.

I also spoke and performed at a private event celebrating ACCESS, Inc and the healing that has happened through counseling and the supportive "family" members that have surrounded me the past 20 months. My break from music proved to be well worth it, as it gave me time to examine issues from my past as well as find the right doctors to determine what was causing my physical ailments. Could not be happier or more pumped about the future.

Lastly, Jason and Gabe of my new band did an encore of the acoustic show with me on DirtySouth TV, playing on a few tunes with the lovely Liz Lee and enjoying a different kind of technology to broadcast our tunes. Some glitches here and there with the live feed, but all in all a good time. Liz treated us to her homemade pumpkin pie afterwards. Yum!

All this while fighting off a throat and respiratory bug. All I can say is, I'm thankful for prayers, cider vinegar, lime and honey, and the miraculous neti pot to wash away the culprit! Looking forward to the Van Hunt show next week...

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